Liaison Offices

ACUNS Liaison Offices are branches of the organization hosted by prominent universities around the world which have entered into a hosting agreement with the ACUNS Secretariat. Liaison Offices serve as contact points for ACUNS members traveling to those locations and interested in making connections to the local United Nations organs and/or scholarly communities. They also organize functions – lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences – in cooperation with local UN bodies, other international organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, etc. The individual lead Liaison Officers are ACUNS members who have volunteered to support ACUNS’s global network.

At present, ACUNS only has one operating Liaison Office located in Tokyo, Japan, housed by the Kyoto Peacebuilding Center of the Kyoto University of the Arts. Looking forward, ACUNS will (re)establish Liaison Offices in several cities around the world. 

Tokyo Liaison Office | Kyoto Peacebuilding Center

As of 1 July 2022, the ACUNS Tokyo Liaison Office is housed by the Kyoto Peacebuilding Center of the Kyoto University of the Arts. The Liaison Office is led by Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa. Professor Hasegawa became the first Liaison Officer in Tokyo in 2015, following the completion of his term on the ACUNS Board of Directors. In the lead Liaison Officer role, Professor Hasegawa represents ACUNS’s interests in work with three UN studies associations. The Tokyo Liaison Office also serves as a focal point for ACUNS members looking to conduct work or make new contacts in Japan. For more information, visit the dedicated Tokyo Liaison Office website. For any questions, contact Professor Hasegawa at