Global Governance Host

Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations is the acclaimed, peer-reviewed journal of ACUNS. Traditionally, universities have hosted the journal, providing institutional support and editorial services, for five-year terms. At present, Global Governance is hosted at Brigham Young University.

ACUNS is currently searching for a new editor/editorial team and host institution for the journal for the period 2024-2029. The journal is published quarterly by Brill Publishers. Detailed information about the journal, editorial responsibilities, and the application process are provided under the headings below.

To apply to host Global Governance please complete the short form below, including uploading a letter of interest. The deadline to submit letters of interest is 1 December 2022. ACUNS will subsequently ask interested teams to submit full host proposals. A final decision will be announced by 1 December 2023.

For any questions, please contact the ACUNS Administrative Coordinator at

About Global Governance

Global Governance includes timely opinion pieces and articles on the contribution of international institutions and multilateral processes to economic development, the maintenance of peace and security, human rights, environmental sustainability, and a variety of other UN and international organization-related topics. Its focus is global not only in substance, but also in the multidisciplinary and multicultural perspectives brought to it by its authors and editorial board. It welcomes soundly analytical submissions from scholars in all of the fields that touch on issues of international public policy, as well as from practitioners who work with and within international institutions. Views that either support or challenge conventional wisdoms are equally welcome. For further details, please visit the dedicated Global Governance page or Brill Publishers.

Editorial Responsibilities

The following outlines the responsibilities of the editors of Global Governance.

  1. The editorial responsibility shall rest with the Editor/s.

  2. The Editor/s warrant(s):
    a. To exercise his/her best judgment in only accepting original contributions, which have not been published before.
    b. To arrange the appropriate refereeing of the contributions submitted for publication in the Journal.
    c. To provide a timely in-flow of manuscripts sufficient to fill the Journal’s announced annual publication schedules.
    d. To ensure that contributions accepted for publication and forwarded to the Publisher will be accompanied by a Consent-to-Publish form as provided by the Publisher, signed by the contributors. It is understood that the contributors will be responsible for obtaining permission to use copyright material such as quotations, reproductions of data, illustrations and any other material which may be used in their contributions and that consequently liability for breach of such copyright shall rest with the contributors.
    e. To see to it that no contribution shall contain anything which is obscene, indecent or of a libelous or scandalous character.
    f. That contributors shall be instructed to deliver the complete, original electronic version of their manuscripts, prepared in accordance with the Instructions to Authors as supplied by the Publisher/the Editor, and accompanied by appropriate illustrative material and instructional aids, all of which must be acceptable to the Publisher in form and content.
    g. All editorial material received by the Editor/s in their capacity as Editor/s of the Journal during the term of this Agreement, is intended for and is the property of the Publisher and shall, in case the Publisher so requests, be immediately forwarded by the Editor/s to the Publisher, whether or not such material has been previously reviewed by the Editor/s. Any editorial material that is rejected for publication is returned to the authors.

  3. It is understood that the contributors shall be responsible for the proofreading – within the period mentioned in the instructions accompanying the proofs – of their own contributions. Should the contributors fail to do so, the Editor(s) shall assume responsibility for prompt and proper correction.

Editorial Commitment and Timeline

The editor/editorial team and host institution are expected to make a commitment of five years, with the host institution contributing significantly to the maintenance of the editorial office, including personnel support. A report on the current financing and administration of the journal is available on request. To facilitate a smooth transition, it is anticipated that the new editor(s) will begin to liaise with the current editors no later than 1 January 2023, with an official start date of 1 July 2023 (Volume 29).

Application Process and Letter of Interest

ACUNS asks that a representative of an institution interested in hosting the journal submit a “letter of interest” by 30 June 2022. Based on the letters received, ACUNS will ask institutions to submit more detailed proposals by 30 September 2022. Further information about the detailed proposals will be provided at that time.

Letters of interest (2-3) pages should include:
– Basis for your personal and/or institutional interest in hosting Global Governance.
– Anticipated institutional support for the editorial team and an editorial office.
– Anticipated structure for an editorial team (number of editors-in-chief, etc.).
– Any prior experience hosting an academic journal.
– Thoughts for future directions for Global Governance under your leadership.

2024-2029 Global Governance Letter of Interest Form

Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 128 MB.